Registering a Business

The Process

If you are a small business owner and your business is not registered, then follow this step by step guide to the registration process

Step 1- Certificate of Business Registration

      • Approach the Commercial Registry (Ministry of Legal Affairs) in your respective business district.
      • Ensure you have a name for the business and an address to fill out on the application form.
      • Uplift and complete the business registration form.
      • Currently a registration fee of G$6,500.00 will be charged for the first time registration and G$ 2,500.00 for annual renewal.
      • Process time— five working days

Step 2 –Tax Identification Certificate (TIN- Certificate)

  • Approach any Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) office in your respective business district.
  • Present original & a copy of your ID card or Passport
  • Uplift application form, complete and return to GRA Office. Note: Form is also available online at:

Step 3- A Certificate from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS)

    • Approach the NIS office (Ministry of Finance) in your respective business district.
    • You will need to provide your Certificate of Business Registration and NIS card, if available, ID card and monthly receipts of your business if self employed or most recent pay slip if last in employment.
    • Uplift form and complete. NIS officers will guide you to fill out the form. Note: Form is also available on line at:

Step 4- A business license to operate. (ONLY REQUIRED BY CERTAIN CATEGORIES OF BUSINESS)
Registering your Business – The Process

There is one additional Step if the business is of a type that requires a license to operate (e.g. Fast Food Outlet, Restaurant, Cigarette or Liquor Retailer, Lottery store or Retail Shop etc.).

A business license is needed to regulate business practices in order to establish how certain items can be sold, to whom, and safety serving standards.

  • Present Certificate of Business Registration to the License Office along with:
  • Approved building plan from Mayor and City Council.
  • Sanitary letter from NDC or Mayor and City Council.
  • Letter of approval from the Guyana Fire Service.
  • Identification Card & Tax Identification number (TIN).
  • Inspection of a business premise is required before Business License is granted
  • It costs GY $5,000.00; this varies according to the location of the business.
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