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Contract #29/2017-Presentation (2) on the Household Socio-economic and Energy Use Baseline Survey

Project objectives
To understand the energy use of Bartica in domestic and small commercial sector by inspecting a representative sample.
To identify the areas where energy is being wasted in this sample through equipment and systems and also identify the energy saving opportunities.
Provide recommendations with regards to reducing the energy consumption.

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Contract #29/2017-Presentation (1) on the Household Socio-economic and Energy Use Baseline Survey

Presenter: Tro Thomas, PH.D.

Data and Method
Population — 2219 households (8004 individuals)
Survey target – 328 households (max. error of 5% with 95% confidence)
Sample size – 339 households (98.5% response rate, some oversampling)
Survey Period — July 16 – 27, 2018
Number of Interviewers – 13.
Questionnaire – Developed by TCG, reviewed by stakeholders.
Survey Mode – CAPI (used the KoBoToolbox platform)

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Contract #29/2017-Draft report on the Dynamics of Household Appliances and Energy Consumption and Use

The conclusions and recommendations contained in this report are based upon information provided by others and upon the assumption that all relevant information has been provided by those parties from whom it has been requested and that such information is accurate.

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Contract #30/2017-Localized Study Report

In the final analysis, it is important to note that, despite existing data limitations, the methodology used for the analysis of energy consumption and carbon footprint is a very important planning tool. It can be applied by decision makers responsible for transportation management in order to contribute for decarbonizing this sector and to educate citizens about the energy impact caused by transportation.

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