Bartica was established a town in 2016. The town government consists of an elected Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors and a Town Clerk who is the Administrator. The Town Council is responsible for solid waste collection and disposal, maintenance of infrastructure services (roads, bridges, etc.), market facilities, and child welfare services among others.

Duties of Mayors and Chairpersons

  • Preside over all meetings of Council
  • Preside over Council committee meetings that he/she attends
  • Serve as ex-officio member of all committees of Council
  • Make decisions on behalf of Council when necessary between Council meetings (applicable to NDCs only)
  • Report to Council regarding decisions and actions taken between Council meetings
  • Carry out all of the functions of a councillor

He or she has the responsibility to:

  • Provide general direction to the Council.
  • Supervise the selection and appointment of Council members to committees of Council.
  • Explain to all Council members that the Office is the official link for liaison between elected officials and administration and the route through which all directives of Council are to be passed to staff.
  • Develop a respectful working partnership with the municipality’s Town Clerk or NDC Overseer, consult the Town Clerk or Overseer regarding Council’s decisions, and require him or her to provide reports regarding the implementation of Council’s policies and decisions.
  • Delegate duties to the Deputy Chairperson as appropriate.

Duties of Deputy Mayors or Vice-Chairpersons

  • Carry out all of the functions of the Mayor or Chairperson in his/her absence
  • Serve as ex-officio member of all committees of Council
  • Carry out all of the functions of a councillor

The Deputy may also be given responsibility to:

  • Carry out duties of the Mayor or Chairperson that have been delegated to the Deputy, even while the Mayor or Chairperson is available.

Duties of Councillors

  • Attend all official statutory meetings of Council

Given that the Council is entrusted with the management of the LDO, Council members have the responsibility to:

  • Serve as a member of a committee of Council and attend all meetings of any committee of which he/she is appointed as a member.
  • Participate actively and make contributions to the discussions and decision-making within meetings.
  • Cultivate productive working relationships with other councillors.
  • Interface with members of the public with regard to policies and programmes.
  • Become familiar with the needs, challenges, resources and development potential of the area.
  • Participate in the formulation of local area plans.
  • Evaluate programmes and inspect projects, and monitor compliance with Council policies, programmes, and annual work plans.
  • Act in a responsible and ethical manner at all times and do nothing to bring the Council into disrepute.

Duties of Town Clerk or Overseer

  • Reporting to Council.
  • Managing and taking responsibility for the day to day operations of the LDO, including advising the Council on financial matters.
  • Drafting letters and memoranda, preparing reports as required and assisting the Council in the preparation of the budget.

Responsiblity for the effective and efficient:

  • delivery of services.
  • development of long-term, medium-term and short-term plans.
  • management of human, financial and physical resources, infrastructure and information.

Responsibility for compliance with the relevant provisions of legislation.

The Municipal Treasurer, Town Clerk or Overseer is Collector of Rates

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